Joseph Klemek the Doctor Screws people!

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This guy is bad news and should be avoided at all cost! JOSEPH KLEMEK is a sadist who enjoys yelling at the top of his lungs, being callous, insensitive, traumatizing, and

confrontational toward his patients and prey. His verbal and emotional assaults are

intended to inflict injury so if you’re at risk for a high blood pressure, stroke, aneurism,

or heart attack he’ll put you over the top. He claims “military experience” and maybe

that‘s where he got the “psychological warfare” training he uses against his patients. He

won’t give you a diagnosis, prognosis or answer any of your questions, just lots of

flimflam and physical and emotional abuse! He doesn’t believe in the Hippocratic oath

and seems to be on “search and destroy” mission (i.e. you). He’ll plot behind your back

with your insurance company to delay, deny, and obstruct your health care. Before

attacking someone he enters a trance like state and tunes everything out, takes a deep

breath, and then unloads with the brutality of a HARD NOSED insurance adjuster. He’ll tell you that you shouldn’t burden the insurance company with your problems even if that means going it alone and not recovering. JOSEPH KLEMEK views his patients as subhuman and treats them accordingly. JOSEPH KLEMEK is not recommended by, but you’ll find him on One of the lawsuit(s) against him is from a woman with the same last name, possibly his wife? He says he works on the “dark side” of the “insurance business” and is beyond reach of THE LAW. Office staff knows what is going on, but keep their mouths shut because they have been threatened with termination and tortious interference

lawsuits should they talk! Medical insiders who know about JOSEPH KLEMEK’s awful history of abuse will steer you away from him. This guy is really a HARD NOSED insurance adjuster masquerading as a doctor.


Sugar Land, Texas, United States #622559

Why don't you report this guy to Attorney Generals office or even District Attorney's office (Consumer protection) so they can investigate him.I'm sure the medical board would love it.

If all else fails, report him to any investigative reporter of your local TV.Makes for great human interest story and would definitely discipline any of the doctor's bad behaviors.

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